Wednesday, April 1, 2009

home stretch

we had a show in philly last night at the world cafe live. this omen greeted us when we exited the van:

(just in case you can't tell, that's a row of melodicas on the sidewalk leading right up to our van)

we felt pretty great about it. and sure enough, the show was a blast. cynics be damned! we will take our spray painted melodica omens however we please!

we were in west virginia on monday night, our second visit to the lovely purple fiddle since the beginning of 2009. we love that place a lot.

also interesting: we played a haunted house in kentucky over the weekend. it was called the southgate house, and the inventor of the tommy gun grew up there. we heard all sorts of amazing ghost stories from the bartender, sharon, who has worked there for 15 years. she has had countless experiences that could convince even the most devout of disbelievers (talk about an oxymoron). here we are sitting on some ghostly pillars outside the venue:
tonight we are playing in annapolis at the ram's head tavern. after the show we are sleeping on the bus with glenn and co. after sleeping on the bus we are going to new jersey. after new jersey we are going to new york, for our final show with this amazing group of people. then we will cry. then it will be heather's birthday and all hell will break loose.

this is a lot of driving:
crab cakes!
the lead sled