Saturday, March 12, 2011


Has anyone ever met another James Smith?
People tend to laugh when Smith introduces himself using his full name.
Well, laugh, or say "wait, really?...James Smith?"
sometimes followed by... "like John Smith?..but James?"

James will respond... "Yeah, sounds common, but have you ever, in your life, met another one?"
Then there is a pause, and "hey wait, yeah, never"

He still holds true to this response. But last night came pretty close to debunking his entire defense.
The sound man at 'Dans Silver leaf'?

... Jimmy Smith.

But he does not go by James.... FEW.

We had actually met Jimmy the last time we came through Denton. A really nice sound engineer. And an engineer through and through. He was all about sound the last time we came through...a perfectionist, if you will.

The last time we were in Denton he came up to us after the show and said, "you guys were really really great... when you first came in, and were all so nice, I was like... 'ah crap these guys are gonna suck', cause the bands who are really nice, usually suck"

We became fast friends, and when were were back this time (though he wasn't doing sound for us) he set us up with an incredibly competent sound guy, by the name of Coy.

We got permission to set up early (always a plus when your set up is a musical version of the popular children's game "Mouse Trap") and even had time afterwards to go and check out some other music before we did our sound check.

The show went great. One for the books in fact. It was one of those shows where the sound, energy of the crowd and tightness of these three squid and the guppy (Noah) all came together and felt great.

After the show, we went to see more music.
such good music.
This is the second of three festivals that we're played with Mavis Staples.
We're basically best friends by now.

And now some pictures.

Silver Leaf stage.

Mavis.Mister Heavenly (Michael Cera on bass)

no explanation necessary

Until next time,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Arkansas, cigarette smoke and a one mand Band.

Here we be.
We fearsome three.
In Arkansas to play for thee.

the end.

What a Nutso Showzo. We pay homage to all of the bands and singers of the past that had to play in smokey clubs. If you kept your voice...we bow to you.
After a 17 hour sound check with "Buzz Galore" (our new touring companion), we started playing our first show of this SxSW tour.
Not bad. Not bad at all.

After the show, we cleared some of the stage so that the next band could set up.
The next band was called "Noise Letter." In this band was a hug-friendly, kind spirited, young man, his guitar and an ipod full of pre made garage band tracks.

Watching this gentleman play was a site to behold. You could almost picture him in an arena playing to thousands.
just to list a few of the rock n' roll moves...

The 'tongue out' move, the ole 'foot up on the monitor' move, the 'in the crowd with just a mic' move, the 'sexy stare to the girl in the front row' move, and the ole 'thank you Fayetteville' move.

He was a generous and kind spirited guy, and his company was much appreciated and enjoyed.

We found out that we were going to stay upstairs with our new friend/promoter, Haley. Again, another kind spirited generous individual.

Let it be known, Fayetteville, we like your people. Not a bad egg did we meet in our 16 hours there.

When we awoke in the morning there was a chill in the air, but buds on the trees. A beautiful cloudless day.

Before we left for Denton, TX, we needed our coffee and 'in-town' experience.
Off to the pre discovered "Kafe" down the street. We downed a delish cup of joe then off we set to a grocery store for more breakfasty goods.

Look what WE found.

It's a Basketball...

Thanks Fayetteville.
Denton... You've got your work cut out for you.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

you know it's bad when...

...23 hours of driving in 2 days feels manageable.

HELLO! we are currently in missouri. yesterday we were in new york. skies were blue yesterday but today they have been overcast. we ate a sit-down dinner at wendy's last night - it was romantic. we stayed in a very inexpensive hotel and ate a delicious continental breakfast this morning, completely with oddly dented hard-boiled eggs. we saw the st. louis arc thing and drove right past it. that was sad - we like st. louis.

tonight we are playing in fayetteville, AR - we've never been there but it seems like a pretty rockin' place. or anyway it will be once we done with it. BOOYAH.

this tour will be fun because we get to be both musicians and super-fans. we've been pouring over the schedules of 35 Conferette and SXSW, circling shows we want to see, making lists and strategies for maximum intake over the next 2 weeks - so many talented people in one gigantic state. how did texas get so lucky?

like you lots,