Sunday, February 20, 2011


The skies were cold, the college streets were deserted, the frat yards were filled with last nights empty miller lite cans and we were searching for our gig in "the parking lot behind the old abandoned cinema" (direct quotation). We eventually found the deserted (haunted) cinema, which led us to our destination. We were going to do some ghost-busting but then we realized we forgot our proton packs - and furthermore, we had a gig to play.

Cleare assembled gear while Heather proudly tagged our new road cases with spray paint (the seed of street art having been planted during a recent viewing of 'Exit Through the Gift Shop'). Meanwhile, Smith did an inventory check (isn't this fascinating?!) and Noah spoke to the promoter of the next nights show in Milwaukee, only to find out that the gig had to be canceled for ambiguous reasons. Sorrow.

We played the show and had a grand ol' time. Smith became the secret crowd favorite because he had unknowingly worn a hoody that wielded the initials "V.I.T." which was a local school at which a few of the audience members were currently employed. Smith claims it was an incredible coincidence and that he had received the sweatshirt from a friend a few years ago. Pshh-yeah right, we all know it was planned. Brown noser...

After the show we headed on a serious mission for food. Heather was on the verge of collapse and was threatening to eat all our faces if she didn't get some grub in her tummy asap. We went into one of the only places open in town and were greeted with the words "kitchen's closed". Heather went on a murdering spree with her eyes (we all joined at this point). Luckily, not too soon after we found a diner and got to ordering far too much food for not very much money! (holllaaaaaa)

After our bellies were full we headed to our digs for the night. It was a lovely Bed and Breakfast called "Inselhaus." If we were B+B reviewers, we would give it an 5 star, A+ rating. We were greeted by Dorothee (the owner/operator), told where to park and directed to our rooms.

What service. What nice rooms. What delicious food. It felt like we were home, and on the road that is hard to come by.

So if you are EVER in Macomb, IL, you have to look it up. It's amazing and relaxing and beautiful and special.

In the morning we had coffee brought to us in the living room - picture Smith reading "Treasure Island" fireside in a huge chair with a piping hot cup of joe. Pretty great, right?

Then when everyone was up it was breakfast time...

just a visual taste for ya...

Oh yeah did we mention robes?

All we're saying is...stay there.

That's it for now,

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Yesterday at 6:30pm - we pull up in front of a Mexican Restaurant with enthusiastic Christmas decorations still shining from every window.

Smith: Is this the place?
Noah: Yeah.
Smith: Do we know the parking situation?
Noah: I'

Enter Pancho

**Loudest Whistle ever**

Pancho: You. park. HERE.
Us: oh, ok.

After a forceful, yet pleasant greeting (strong handshakes all around) we were led into the venue and given a tour.

Pancho: The stage, bar and you come with gear. Here.

Then, with a slight smirk, he extended a single finger, said something that none of us could understand and walked over to a few switches on the wall. Not taking his eyes off us for a second (still smirking) he flicked the switch and said "if you like..."

In an instant the small Mexican bar/restaurant/venue was transformed into a hip hoppin' laser light showin' club. Multi-colored lights dancing and zooming across the walls and ceiling. Lasers shooting all over the bar, reflecting off and through the liquor bottles. Pancho was very pleased.

Later that evening we would see the very same Pancho dancing behind the bar while playing loud rhythmic instruments slightly off beat (to the chagrin of whichever band was playing live a few feet away). He had many other surprises up his sleeve, including some of the strangest bar tricks we had ever seen involving two glasses filled with water, a lolly pop, 2 pencils, 4 straws, 2 tooth picks and 2 forks.

The climax of the night was when Pancho insisted we do shots with him and proceeded to pour glasses of possibly the most repulsive yellowish liquid we have ever tasted. He would not tell us what was in it. It was a secret recipe.

First day of tour. Hitting the ground running.

Until next time,