Sunday, January 30, 2011

this weekend

this weekend was incredible. completely unforgettable and humbling. singing 'forever young' behind the swell season and alongside so many folk legends, looking up at the 3rd balcony and listening to 3,500 people join in on the chorus - just perfect. a perfect moment in life.

thank you all for listening to us, and supporting us as much as you do all the time. we never could have made it to a weekend like this one without all of you - we are so lucky.

eastward ho,

Friday, January 28, 2011


hey everybodies,

we are in michigan! drove here straight through snow and sleet yesterday, after a battle with brooklyn's unleashed winter fury and the over-priced hardware store snow shovels. the highlight of the 12 hour drive (at least for me) was the twizzlers i ate and the heated twitter debate about the merits of twizzlers vs. twix. interesting stuff...

whenever we play in southern michigan we stay at the summer camp my grandparents have been running for the last 50+ years, located 30 mins outside ann arbor. it's really strange to be there in the off season, when it's completely empty and covered in snow and looks like this:

camp was always the highlight of every summer, my brother and sisters and i would spend a whole month there just living the dream. it's kind of amazing how my life has brought me back there so much over the last year - just have to get a killer game of capture the flag going one of those times and then my life will be truly complete.

we are driving towards ann arbor right now - SO excited for tonight's show! we're only playing 4 songs but we're sharing the stage with THE AVETT BROTHERS, vienna teng, susan werner, the paper raincoat and a slew of other insanely talented artists. is that really how you spell "slew"? what a weird word. EXCITEMENT!!

we're gonna try to make it to zingerman's today, one of ann arbor's finest offerings according to many reliable sources (including sean watkins of 'nickel creek' fame, who first told us of its glories). saturday night we get to kick back and enjoy another amazing lineup, including the swell season and mavis staples. what an unbelievable weekend!

later gators,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Guys, guys, guys, guys!!!!

We're actually doing it!
it's OOOONNNN!!!

We are in the studio recording some tunes in the hopes of finishing the first installment of a two ep collection so soon.

So far, so amazing. We have been losing sleep over the excitement.
So now that we've checked in.
How are you all?

yup. we're asking.
how are you?