Friday, November 26, 2010

Ho.Ly. Crud.

We just crossed the PA boarder.
Ho. Ly. Crud buckets.

What a wondrous feeling.
Here is a brief recap of the days gone by.

Florida brought no alligators our way. Damn you Orlando. Damn you.
But Thanksgiving did bring us Turkeys.

We spent the night in Atlanta on Thanksgiving eve.
Knowing that we had about 11 hours of driving that we wanted to get under our belts on Thanksgiving.
The next morning, we started out with an amazingly scrumptious breakfast... full of stuffing, bread pudding, biscuits, gravy, sausages, mimosa's, coffee and veggie bacon for the pescatarians of the group **eeeaww eeawww....fingers point towards Heather**
And for those that have never seen cooked veggie bacon...

We set off with our bellies full and our hearts all a'flutter.
Our goal... Hagerstown, Maryland.

On our lazy Thanksgiving day journey we saw one of the strangest things that we thought one could see on this day.
While driving down the highway we saw a HUGE wild and fully living turkey trotting into the woods from the road. We felt like it had to be one of three things.
The turkey flipping everyone the bird (budumching) while saying... "SUCKERSS!!!!"
Second, a turkey reenactment of "Cool Hand Luke".
and the final possibility... a trap for humans... Slyly asking us to follow it into the safe and warm woods as if to promise an easy feast. But when you arrive... you are greeted by an army of turkeys and put into a pot of boiling veggies and prepared for their thanksgiving Day feast!
Turkeys 1, Humans.... well I guess we're still up...

This came from boredom along the way...

Our other mission was to find an eatery for our special meal.
Our choices were slim. But we found it. and boy was it ever fancy. Cracker Barrel.

We hope your Turkey day was as lovely and strange as ours was.
Much love to you all.
we are so very thankful for each of you.

Much love,

Monday, November 22, 2010


I have one and only mission while driving from New Orleans to Orlando.

Hear me out...

I will do one of these 5 things...

1.) catch and tame a gator for our live show.
2.) catch a gator on the flip video.
3.) get a picture with my head precariously inside an alligators open mouth.
4.) surf using a gator as my board.
5.) just see and alligator.

OK, OK.. some of these are more likely than others...but so help you Florida, if I don't even see one...

I do NOT want to have to settle for the taxidermied head I just saw at a rest stop. It is unfair to both me and gator.

I'm actually hoping to have captured one before the end of this blog so that I can attach a picture or a video.
We. Will. See.

On a completely different note... we love Joey Ryan and Meg & Dia. They are all the nicest.

I've said it before...being on the road with good people makes a tour what it is.
And of course it helps if you can get your groove on to the music as well.

So here it is, time to drive it home:

Get. Their. Music.

Or even better, come and see all of us live on this tour!

Most of the venues see us coming and know we mean business... they put these up as we entered.

Want some incentive?
1) We are giving away 4 free songs and "punch cards" (like coffee club cards. The more you get punched, the cooler the prize.)
2) Joey Ryan is giving away a free song if you sign up on his mailing list at the show.
3) Meg & Dia have a brand new ep out that you can only get at the shows.

That's my spiel and I'm stickin' to it.

Thank you for your kind eyes,
until we meet again,



Thursday, November 18, 2010

The adventures continue...

Heading through West Texas, the daring 5 set off after a delicious dinner in El Paso.
Pedal to the metal, teeth glarin', tunes blarin' and all of us preparin'...for the journey ahead.

When three lanes became 2...
2 became 1...
funneled into a single and organized line.
Closer and closer to a brightly lit complex.
Men in uniform, dogs, guns, and us.

Man in uniform-
"where you coming from?"
"umm... Scottsdale."
"just the two of you?"
"umm... no, 5 of us"
"where you headin?"
"umm... San Antonio"
"ok, you've been flagged by the dog, could you just pull over to the right up here"
"umm... sure"

We pulled over, we're told to turn off the car, take the keys out of the ignition and exit the vehicle.
We did as we were ordered.
"We are going to search the car... keep your hands out of your pockets and follow me this way"
We were all lined up. I, (Smith) feared a firing squad, but instead I starting asking really pertinent and topical questions... like.. for instance...

"Is it normally this cold at night in New Mexico?"
"Do you ever get Cyotes comin' up and startin trouble with the dogs?"
"Are you just a check point or do you have a truck weigh station too?" (got em with that one... they felt inadequate... we all sensed it)

The tension grew as the search continued...

...and continued...
We began to fear that something had perhaps been planted on us that we had no idea was illegal. Like a foreign fruit, or a perhaps a rare orchid that is actually used for recreational drug use.

At this point... who knew.

Then the leader of the men of men looked at us and said...

"If you could follow us this way..."

Of course we complied.

We were led into a warm building and patted down (except for Heather, who was very politely asked to empty her pockets...)
James, Noah, Joey and myself felt a lot closer to the uniformed men after that.
A lot closer.

Then we were just asked to sit on a bench and wait while they went through our van looking for aforementioned orchids.

After what seemed like an hour, we were released. Perhaps with a small security checkpoint fan base.

Don't worry about it...

until next time,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The train is much longer, but we have guile, cunning and our speedy sprinter.

So there we are... barreling toward the train at a break-neck pace.
This might be the end folks!
We aren't stopping.
that train certainly wont be stopping.
chugga chugga chugga... plowing forward.
Will we clear the back of the train if we stay at our current speed?
or will we collide with a chorus of vocally produced crash sounds?!?!
closer, closer....CLOSER!

NEYOOOWWMMMEE!!! WE MADE IT over the train track over pass bridge.
but it was good to know that if we were on a collision course with a train crossing our path... we would have made it out unscathed!

Ladies and Gentlemen... you have just witnessed the birth of imaginary situation Adrenalin junkies.

Until we meet again,

Monday, November 15, 2010

'The True Tale of the Tail'

So this might be a long one. Buckle up my friends...
Boy, do we have a story for you. But I must start out by telling you of some amazing peeps...
We are currently touring with Joey Ryan ( and Meg & Dia (
So far, they have been a joy to tour with.
But let me take a second to speak about Joey, who will be joining us in Peggy Sue (new vehicles name) for the duration of the tour. We might even force him to post a blog on the Lead Said Said.
He is a wonderful musician. If you haven't heard his music, please give it a listen. He has been playing shows with one Kenneth Pattengale. This duo is a force to be reckoned with. No joke, I (JS) have not seen a live show as impressive in quite some time. If you ever get any chance in the world to catch a live show, you have my 100% recommendation!

Now, after the blatant gushing...on to the story at hand.

We played a house party at our friends house in LA so we could spend time with friends, play all sorts of music and drink....juice...

When the riotous affair was just about through and a few people were leaving...they walked past the neighbor's car and heard the most pathetic meowing of all time. These kind hearts started searching for the source of these scared noises - to no avail. Eventually they noticed a little note placed under the cars wipers. It simply read: "There is a cat in your car".

They came upstairs and got a few people for a second opinion. More people came down until the entire party had been relocated and was huddled around this car. There was definitely a traumatized cat somewhere in this car.
The car belonged to the host's our hosts went to their neighbors door and knocked (2:30am).

When he finally came to the door, the neighbor responded: "Yeah, when I was at the shop earlier today the mechanic said told me there was a cat stuck in there. But he couldn't find it. Sooooo."

Sooooo indeed. We were floored, but the cat still needed to be rescued! So we asked him to open his hood. He complied and the search began.

After 30 min. we realized we were going to need a professional. We called AAA and to the rescue they came! The AAA man arrived and, after some coaxing (rescuing a cat from a car is not a normal AAA task), he flew into action... unscrewing screws, bending back panels and shining flashlights into every nook and cranny the car had. After a while we got visual confirmation - we could SEE A TAIL!!!

Now we all meant business...
and as in any situation of peril ... The girls got girlier and the boys got boyie-er.
Girls awing and covering their eyes, and the boys shouting out commands, getting their heads under the car, pulling apart pieces of plastic and lots of pointing. I mean, LOTS of pointing.

another paw.
another paw...
last paw...
no head yet...
HEAD!! (still attached... fewwww)

It was a kitten.


It was stuck inside a compartment near the engine of the car. We have no idea how it could have possible gotten in there, but can only assume it got in there for some warmth. We took it to the vet and got it checked out.

Broken leg.
Now it has a cast.
Our hosts are going to keep it.

So now, may we introduce to you..."wheelie" (still working on the name - any suggestions??).

And that, my friends, is a happy ending of team work and tails.


p.s. speaking of cars... thank you to which ever lovely person gave us this lipstick love on our wind shield after the Hermosa Beach show.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our new Vehicle

We finally found it folks.
behold, our new touring vehicle!

We wonder if people in Salt Lake City, Utah, still see the mountains?
Truly, these are some amazing mountains here.
This is where we are blogging from currently. (it's stupid how amazing technology is.),-111.803058%20%28Veterans%20Memorial%20Hwy,%20American%20Fork,%20UT%2084003,%20USA%29

I suppose it might be like the skyscrapers in NYC. They never get any less amazing. I wonder if the mountains hold their glory for all its residents...

OK, so here it is... Whats the thing in your life that never loses its 'amazingness'

Heather: Seeing the clouds from above in a plane.
Noah: Going home.
Cleare: Seeing the Ocean.
Smith: How small baby's fingers are.


Oh yeah, and this was our breakfast... compliments of IHOP.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

A trasnscription.

And now to start off the blogging of this tour... a transcription of the sites along this road.

white dotted lines, Fields, grain processing plant, Exit 25 Monroe, Bridge, yellow merge sign, telephone poles (and wires), silo, red barns, cars, car, cars, truck, Prairie city 7, Des Moines 33, hawk, lone tree, police car, slower moving scenery, life size wooden bear statue, hill, dip, hill, dip, water tower, mile 10, rumble strips, bird, brick house, truck for sale, army of yellow school buses, speed zone ahead, speed limit 55, Southeast Polk high school, stadium, acres for sale, red traffic light, NE 80 st, green traffic light, mile 7, Key stone savings bank, more road, Jack Miller Christmas Trees, Deery Brothers Chevrolet.

Thrilled yet?
Thought you'd like that...
good bye for now.


p.s. Cleare was in a terrible accident.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Al. most. th. e. r. e......

So ladies and gentlemen.
We done did it.
We are 11 miles from home after a 3 week tour.
Let us compare feelings that are similar to being 11 miles away and knowing the traffic will cause it to be a 2 hour journey.

It's like when you have to pee pretty badly and then you see the bathroom and the feeling changes from pretty badly to imminent bladder failure.

kinda like that.

It's kinda like if you were stranded in the desert with no water, but you had a computer with the most beautiful waterfall screen saver.

a little bit like that.

It's kind of like meeting Shakira at a bar, hitting it off really well, writing her number on your hand, dancing with her in the rain, politely putting her in a cab, and then realizing her number washed off in the rain.

exactly like that.

We've had quite a ride on this one, folks... we've laughed, we've cried, we've died. no not really. it just rhymed and I'm going loopy from being in the car for 12 hours.

We have a few more one off dates in NY, DE, and VA. so come and see us go insane.

We love you all, and will catch you on the flip flop.
Until next time.


Friday, September 10, 2010


Ladies and Gentleman..

Tonight we shall be talking about Heathers childhood.

Once upon a time there was a young lass named Heather Robb.
This young lady was raised with the guile and cunning of a fox... the wisdom of an owl and the reflexes of a mongoose. In the town in which she was born there were few of her kind.
The closest... a straight up wolfhound. Literally a wolf/hound.
She was raised to understand the ways of the world but to be wary and protective of her human counterparts.

She's a shecat. She's a maneater. Woah, here she comes. Watch out, mean soundmen - watch out, cat-calling strangers. She will Chew. You. Up.

We just got done a show at the Ark and good garsh dangnabit, it was a fun show.
We missed our good friends 'My Dear Disco', who had a show of their own a few hours away from us. Sadness fills our heart at this, but the night was special nonetheless. We got to see one of our favorite people ever, Vienna Teng, who just started her first year in a Master's program at U of M. She's way smart. And just ridiculously talented. Good people.

Now we're on a porch with warm things to eat and drink and we are happy. It feels like fall - it's even a little too cold for us, truth be told.

Autumn is nice.
The Ark @ 8pm tonight in ann arbor! The air is crisp and we feel like rocking :) join us!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

we met them in st. louis

we love st. louis now. we liked it a lot before but now we LOVE it. last night's show was so fun - off-broadway is a great club, ryan is a great sound man, john is a great bartender, steve is a great club owner - just an all around cracker jack team! also, our friends from union tree review (a rad local band) came out to show their support and arranged a whole afterparty for post-show fun times! it was sweet. there were many highlights, including a full-scale dance party to cee-lo's hot new single ('f#*k you!') and jay-z's 'empire state of mind.' it was pretty much the best thing ever. we also got some amazing potato chips (billy goat chips!) and drank delicious root bear (fitz's!). a killer night from start to finish!

also, smith finally got a new look:

tonight we are playing in chicago at a new (to us) venue called mayne stage - we will miss good ol' schubas, but it'll be fun to see a new part of the city. and even though we're not playing there, noah is determined to go by schuba's for a hefty portion of their life-changing mac'n'cheese. he still hasn't forgiven smith for taking an unbidden bite back in june...

come say hi windy city! we like you a lot too!

Monday, September 6, 2010

World's First Rodeo

That's right, we just passed it. The World's first rodeo.
Many people think the first Rodeo was in Pecos, TX in 1883.
However, the first rodeo was actually held 14 years earlier in Dear Trail, CO in 1869.

So, put that in your Smipe and Poke it, Texas.

We've experienced a lot in the last few days. Everything from 24498237423 hour drives and camping next to a very nice man that Smith thought was going to turn into the "Camp Site Killer", to beautiful landscapes and stories of smashing furniture with Tomahawks (we're fairly certain that some mind altering substances were being used at the time).

In these travels we discovered, and all concur, that route 70 might be one of the most beautiful roads that we've seen thus far (and we've done seen a lot of roads). We all have dreams of biking on the bike trails that run perfectly alongside the road someday. Perhaps when we all win the lottery and are able to buy the $2.5 Mil. houses that are listed in the "Vail Daily"...

On this one road, the landscape was constantly changing - from desert to harsh rocky canyons:

to beautiful pine tree covered mountains and rushing rivers, all in the span of a few hours of driving East. It was mesmerizingly beautiful.
And you can become one with all of this beauty with the newest form of American hiking.

We played a chill show in Denver last night to an intimate crowd of supportive Denver folks. We were all beat from camping the night before and when we started talking about the exhaustion levels of our bodies we were met with a mind-blowing explanation: the high altitude in Denver actually takes a physical toll on unsuspecting out-of-towners! Who would have thunk it. Bein' higher makes your body sleepy! It also makes breathing difficult, which makes singing harder. Also, you have to to be careful when you're drinking in the higher altitudes. One beer will make your "6 beer speech impediment" come a knockin' quite a bit earlier. Fascinating.

So, them be our findings of the last few days.
We hope you are all well and excited about the autumn chill creeping in.

and now, into a man made wormhole and hopefully out the other side.

Many smiles to you all,

Friday, September 3, 2010

fast food

chipotle is nothing compared to baja fresh. period. and in-n-out? nothing comes close. what does the west coast know about fast food that the east coast hasn't figured out yet? this is not a rhetorical question - please help us understand!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We're all done and rested.
Each with a nap of different intensity.
Last night was spent BBQing and ping-ponging.

On the Agenda today.
Be in LA.
Play a show at The Echo.
Be in LA.

If any of you have been to LA, you will probably know what we mean when we say this.
What a magical place to visit.
Full of sun and characters.
Places of indescribable nature.
And the thing that we find ourselves noticing the most?
everyone and everything moves slower.

NYC is fast and interesting.
LA is Slow and interesting.

Two coasts, two vibes.
If you haven't been here before... take a trip with a friend.

Resident watch dog, Nikki...

One question for everyone...
If you could be one fictitious animal, what would you be?


Monday, August 30, 2010

if we survive this drive...

...we can do ANYTHING AT ALL. i mean it. when we woke up this morning in denton, TX and plugged in Los Angeles as our final destination, our GPS system just flashed 'are you f@*king kidding me??' that was all she said. i know, i'd never seen that before either but i guess that what happens when you put in a location 1,400 miles away.

And now at 9:19pm after filling the oil and wiper fluid?
Drum role my fine fluttering friends... 830 Miles. Holler back to you.

And we are NOT. I repeat, NOT calling it a night.
With Smith having just finished his shift, Heather takin' over and Noah and James Sleepin' in the back preparing for their shifts... this is gonna be one for the books.

There certainly will be a "Hush" falling on LA tomorrow.
(see what I did there?... that's a song... of ours, that we sing...)

And now some eye treats...

New York...
to New Mexico...

Thinking about putting one of these up in Central Park.


Sunday, August 29, 2010


we're here! we're here! shoot. more than 2 days passed. we're sorry dangit.

the last two nights we've played really fun shows with a great band called 'civil twilight.' the first was in austin - WE LOVE AUSTIN! we swam at barton springs, got some sage hot sauce advice, ate until we nearly burst and got to play to a full room at stubb jr's! our dear friends danielle and elizabeth were kind enough to house us and didn't give us a hard time for coming in at nearly 3am! now that's friendship.

last night was in tulsa - our first time in oklahoma! we had a blast playing at cain's and enjoying some of the local flavors, you know like greek salads and coors. we met a ton of wonderful people and one in particular, our new friend chris, made the night super special by offering to let us crash at his house. new friend and comfortable lodging all in one fell swoop! after the show we grabbed a drink with the fellas from 'civil twilight' and partook in a hilarious game of pool with some extremely memorable locals. it was great. this morning we SLEPT IN for the first time in days and ate a scrumptious brunch of waffles and scrambled eggs (all homemade by the aforementioned chris) and watched 'total recall.'

i guess you could say the last 72hrs have been pretty great. touring is fun.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

new phobia

so we have a fear of bulldozers now.
dozerphobia i guess you could call it.
why you may ask?

within the first 2 minutes of this tour, the first big tour we've done with our beautiful new sprinter we might add, we found ourselves in the middle of an action movie.

construction site.

the flag lady told us to we went.

half way through...this HUGE crane arm comes swinging into our lane.

we skidded and swerved to miss it. we screamed like 6 year old girls.

time stood still as we awaited the seemingly inevitable contact of metal on metal.

miraculously, there was no ear-shattering CRASH. we opened our eyes in time to see the crane arm backing off.

we convinced our hearts to start beating again and drove on...smarter.

can you blame us for our dozerphobia? after 2 catastrophic vehicular failures in the last year and a half, a rogue crane arm would have been the last straw. we all would have throw up our hands and found jobs as accountants or teachers or anything where a crane arm can't set fire to all your dreams.

texas is hot and it's boiling our brains,

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


To our beloved, dedicated and abandoned readers,

It should be easy to keep a blog. It should be as simple as typing a few amusing, anecdotal nothings every few days and throwing a picture in every so often for good measure.

You’d think it would be easy. You’d think anyone could do it.

Well let me tell you right now – you’d be wrong to think these things.

Keeping this road blog current has proven to be one of the most insurmountable challenges of our career thus far. It easily outweighs hauling gear, driving for hours on end and working day jobs to make ends meet. It reminds me a little bit of flossing – so simple and yet it always seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to run a waxed piece of string between your teeth every morning and night. Who’s got 3 extra minutes lying around these days? Not in this economy, am I right?

So all of this is a long-winded way of apologizing to those of you who dutifully check this road blog and are continually disappointed at the dearth of new entries. We know we’re letting you down and we don’t feel good inside about it. Now, we’re not gonna stand here (so to speak) and make any promises we can’t keep – we’re no perez. But we would like to make a pledge for the tour we are embarking on today. That pledge is this:


Thank your friends for helping us make this terrifying yet essential step forward as bloggers. We won’t let you down.

Until tomorrow (or the day after tomorrow at the very latest),

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


First and foremost... congrats to Mandabean! the answers to our quiz were as follows...
1.) Heather drank the cologne.
2.) Smith was a child gymnast.
3.) Cleare got the stitches.

and you're prize?... a poem in your honor.

So, Mandabean now you know,
of how we came to grow,
from little ones with tiny heads,
to big ones in trouble with the feds.

So now we're on to another show that we didn't have listed in Ann Arbor, MI. (circus bar and billiards)
be prepared for table dances and college girls drinking as much red bull and vodka that they can get their little hands on.
so into the fray we go!
until next time our faithful rock n' rollerseseses.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Iowa soundtrack...

Salt N Peppa
Snoop Dog

we think so...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Got a game for you.

Match these three "who done whats" to these three names.
Cleare, Heather, Smith

1.) accidentally drank cologne during a joke.
2.) was a leotard-wearing child gymnast.
3.) tripped, hit head and had to get stitches for trying to run to the bathroom with pants around ankles.


we're on our way to Ohio!!! see you there.

~The Dead Lead Sled Said.

Saturday, March 20, 2010



Monday, March 15, 2010

We be in Buffalo country now!

and now, some visual stimulation.

In life, there are moments that exist in such ludicrous perfection that you feel as though each breath is as filling as a thanksgiving day feast.

These moments danced around us during our stay in Kentucky.

We didn't have a place when we arrived in Lexington. So in an act of desperation we asked the audience, half way through our show, if anyone could put up 6 complete strangers for the night.
Much to our surprise, it worked. And thus, we were introduced to our new friends the Slaters.

Our sleepy souls were met with beds and couches. And in the morning our empty tummies and sore tour butts were met with breakfast and a hike through the woods.

What a beautiful rainy couple of days.

~The Lead Sled II

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Aint the Mountains grand.

Ladies and Gentlemen, our tour crew...

Noah Goldman...

"Crazy Horse"

Kate Stein...

"Party Pants"

Pete Lalish...

"Wild Fire"

Last night at 2:45 Am we convened to discuss sleeping arrangements... I mean SOMEONE had to sleep near Noah... But no one was budging. So banished he was to another building where the following scenario unfolded:

3:00 AM- Bed time.
4:00 AM- Strange scratching at door. Cat meows.
4:05 AM- Not sure how cat got into room...whose cat is this?
4:06 AM- Gets up to let cat scurries under bed in classic scared-e cat fashion.
4:10 AM-4:45AM- Multiple attempts to get cat out from under bed and out of room.
5:00 AM- Problem solved.
5:01 AM- Sleep.
8:30 AM- Cat wants to say good morning - loudly.
8:30-9:30 AM - With the cat soundtrack underscoring, our hero hopes that pretending to be asleep is almost as restful as actually being asleep.
9:30 AM - "Wakes up."
10:30 AM- Everyone in bus and on road.

ooohhhh the life of a tour manager for the Standards.

What beautiful country side... from the mountains of West Virginia to the horse races of Kentucky.

Much love to you all, and see you soon.

~The Lead Sled II

Friday, March 12, 2010

On our way.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce to you our SXSW tour crew.

Our tour manager Noah Goldman;

Ferret wrestler, Lady bug rescuer (builds them little lady bug houses when they are lost in the world) and lady killer (no really... murderer...)

Our photographer Kate Stein;

Cave dweller, Cat fisher woman, and riot provoker. (remember France circa 1789.... all her.)

Our Music Guru Pete Lalish;

Artichoke heart ripper outer, evil destroyer, body painter (when we look like the blue man group at our shows you will know why.)

shit. is. going. to. go. down.

So let us start you off with a little story...

Last night we played in Easton, MD. what a place. great sound guy, good people, tiny stage.

During one of our tunes Smith plays the trumpet and decided to give the trumpet a good ole fashioned rock throw to Noah who was off stage.

here is a diagram of exactly what happened...

the trumpet it OK. James' rock ego is not.

Tonight we're headin' to "The Purple Fiddle" in WV. and these were our preperations...

9 am: wake up.
10 am: B-fast.
12 pm: go time.
12:01 pm: dance party.
12:03 pm: exhausted from dance party.

what can be expected at tonights show you might ask??
Rock, dancing, Rock-dancing, Dancing Rocks... and moonshine.

See you fools there and beyond.

~The Lead Sled II

Thursday, March 11, 2010

back in action

it's a new year! and a new tour is beginning! and we are going to be blogging people, so get your 4-D blog glasses out and clean those lenses - the standards are BACK!