Friday, September 10, 2010


Ladies and Gentleman..

Tonight we shall be talking about Heathers childhood.

Once upon a time there was a young lass named Heather Robb.
This young lady was raised with the guile and cunning of a fox... the wisdom of an owl and the reflexes of a mongoose. In the town in which she was born there were few of her kind.
The closest... a straight up wolfhound. Literally a wolf/hound.
She was raised to understand the ways of the world but to be wary and protective of her human counterparts.

She's a shecat. She's a maneater. Woah, here she comes. Watch out, mean soundmen - watch out, cat-calling strangers. She will Chew. You. Up.

We just got done a show at the Ark and good garsh dangnabit, it was a fun show.
We missed our good friends 'My Dear Disco', who had a show of their own a few hours away from us. Sadness fills our heart at this, but the night was special nonetheless. We got to see one of our favorite people ever, Vienna Teng, who just started her first year in a Master's program at U of M. She's way smart. And just ridiculously talented. Good people.

Now we're on a porch with warm things to eat and drink and we are happy. It feels like fall - it's even a little too cold for us, truth be told.

Autumn is nice.

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