Wednesday, September 8, 2010

we met them in st. louis

we love st. louis now. we liked it a lot before but now we LOVE it. last night's show was so fun - off-broadway is a great club, ryan is a great sound man, john is a great bartender, steve is a great club owner - just an all around cracker jack team! also, our friends from union tree review (a rad local band) came out to show their support and arranged a whole afterparty for post-show fun times! it was sweet. there were many highlights, including a full-scale dance party to cee-lo's hot new single ('f#*k you!') and jay-z's 'empire state of mind.' it was pretty much the best thing ever. we also got some amazing potato chips (billy goat chips!) and drank delicious root bear (fitz's!). a killer night from start to finish!

also, smith finally got a new look:

tonight we are playing in chicago at a new (to us) venue called mayne stage - we will miss good ol' schubas, but it'll be fun to see a new part of the city. and even though we're not playing there, noah is determined to go by schuba's for a hefty portion of their life-changing mac'n'cheese. he still hasn't forgiven smith for taking an unbidden bite back in june...

come say hi windy city! we like you a lot too!

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