Monday, September 6, 2010

World's First Rodeo

That's right, we just passed it. The World's first rodeo.
Many people think the first Rodeo was in Pecos, TX in 1883.
However, the first rodeo was actually held 14 years earlier in Dear Trail, CO in 1869.

So, put that in your Smipe and Poke it, Texas.

We've experienced a lot in the last few days. Everything from 24498237423 hour drives and camping next to a very nice man that Smith thought was going to turn into the "Camp Site Killer", to beautiful landscapes and stories of smashing furniture with Tomahawks (we're fairly certain that some mind altering substances were being used at the time).

In these travels we discovered, and all concur, that route 70 might be one of the most beautiful roads that we've seen thus far (and we've done seen a lot of roads). We all have dreams of biking on the bike trails that run perfectly alongside the road someday. Perhaps when we all win the lottery and are able to buy the $2.5 Mil. houses that are listed in the "Vail Daily"...

On this one road, the landscape was constantly changing - from desert to harsh rocky canyons:

to beautiful pine tree covered mountains and rushing rivers, all in the span of a few hours of driving East. It was mesmerizingly beautiful.
And you can become one with all of this beauty with the newest form of American hiking.

We played a chill show in Denver last night to an intimate crowd of supportive Denver folks. We were all beat from camping the night before and when we started talking about the exhaustion levels of our bodies we were met with a mind-blowing explanation: the high altitude in Denver actually takes a physical toll on unsuspecting out-of-towners! Who would have thunk it. Bein' higher makes your body sleepy! It also makes breathing difficult, which makes singing harder. Also, you have to to be careful when you're drinking in the higher altitudes. One beer will make your "6 beer speech impediment" come a knockin' quite a bit earlier. Fascinating.

So, them be our findings of the last few days.
We hope you are all well and excited about the autumn chill creeping in.

and now, into a man made wormhole and hopefully out the other side.

Many smiles to you all,

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Caroline said...

What makes you think the wormhole is manmade? I hate to break it to you guys... out west there....isn't that where Area 59 and Roswell are? Somewhere nearish to there?