Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We're all done and rested.
Each with a nap of different intensity.
Last night was spent BBQing and ping-ponging.

On the Agenda today.
Be in LA.
Play a show at The Echo.
Be in LA.

If any of you have been to LA, you will probably know what we mean when we say this.
What a magical place to visit.
Full of sun and characters.
Places of indescribable nature.
And the thing that we find ourselves noticing the most?
everyone and everything moves slower.

NYC is fast and interesting.
LA is Slow and interesting.

Two coasts, two vibes.
If you haven't been here before... take a trip with a friend.

Resident watch dog, Nikki...

One question for everyone...
If you could be one fictitious animal, what would you be?



Nix said...

Hmmmm.... Interesting question... Elf (Tolkiensque) or Wookie or a dragon from pern...

Rachel said...

the strange bird from Harry Nilsson's "The Point"