Wednesday, April 20, 2011


WOWWEEEEEEE!! we had the greatest stroke of luck last night in Minneapolis - we were doing our intro to 'sharks', in which heather typically mentions something about her life-long fear of the terrifying deep sea predator, and there happened to be an aquarium educator named dana in the audience. after the show she propositioned us - "meet me at the aquarium tomorrow" she said, "and i will teach you not to be afraid of sharks!" so what could we do?? we agreed!!

and what an amazing decision it was. here is our trip - in photos:

here we are entering the "SEA LIFE" exhibit - it was in the mall of america! another first for most of us.

this is a super creepy jelly-belly-fish!

that's a slimey grimey eel-man hiding there!!

this is a super sweet adorable sea horse!!


it was such a fantastic trip!! look how happy we are (also pictured is Lennon, the drummer from Ha Ha Tonka and recent inductee into the Spring Standards Top Pals Hall of Fame):


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Zenith Cafe, Pittsburgh PA

hey folks, heather here.
i love my new iPhone for many reasons but mainly because it lets me take pictures of lovely places - places like the zenith cafe in pittsburgh, PA, where we enjoyed an absolutely delicious lunch yesterday. formatting this blog is a headache so i'm gonna leave it a bit haphazard, but you'll get the idea. observe:

each table had its own unique, colorful aesthetic, complete with tablecloths, place-mats and vintage dinnerware.

look how you can see me in the mirror through the front door! oh and the bathroom was all owl-themed. we were OWL about it!! PUNS!!

oh and did i mention there's a flea market-style vintage shop attached to the restaurant?? yeah. it was really awesome. you should go here next time you're in pittsburgh - it's a no brainer.

that's all for now friends.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

the skinny

ok so now we're gonna tell the story now of how we got kicked off of a tour once. if you're in the know then you already know who this tour was with (if you don't know, just scroll through our facebook wall...), but in the interest of maintaining some semblance of professionalism we're going to call the party in question "JENNIFER". you know, to protect the innocent. like in dragnet.

full disclosure: we're not gonna tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth so help us god right here on the internet. too dangerous, too immortal. we'll tell bits and pieces here but the full play by play must remain protected. cause it's just the right thing to do.

basically, JENNIFER thought we were too chatty. we were flappin' our lips too much with nice fans and people who wanted to buy things from us and one night she decided to make a not very nice comment about it during her set. obviously, we were not very happy about that decision. so we talked about it after the show and both parties simply could not see the other's point of view. it was like that scene in 'translations' (a brian friel play) where the two lovers are talking in different languages, except minus the romantic part. now you get it!

so the next night, after playing a rockin' second-to-last show with JENNIFER, we found out that she didn't want us to play the final show in Charlottesville. we had been kicked off! we felt like rebels, we bought motorcycles immediately and began carrying switch blades. but here's where the real triumph began - we happened to know we had some pals coming out to the show in Charlottesville, including some members of a middle school class whose teacher introduced them to our music and was going to accompany them to the show. so we had to act fast - we immediately started calling anyone and everyone we knew and within a few hours of being kicked off the show in Charlottesville, we had another show booked in Charlottesville!! SWEET SWEET VICTORY!! it was awesome. and we lived happily ever after.

so there you have it folks! bet you didn't know we were such badasses.

sugar sweet kisses and ponies forever,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Some things must be said,

Ha Ha Tonka is the name of the band that we are currently on tour with.
They are comprised of four incredibly kind and talented individuals.
Their Tour Manager/sound engineer is named James.
That makes three James' on one tour.
This is too many.
Two of them will have to go.
May the longest haired, beard-having-one with the last name Smith win...

just sayin'.

On another note... we played 'The Intersection' again last night.
and fewweeeee... what an interesting show.

Here's my impression of the first 3 songs...


(thanks supposed to symbolize ear bleedingly loud feedback...)

After we climbed that mountain, the show started to look up.
Then we got to hear Ha Ha Tonka rock out.
they sure can sing and play.

If you are coming to any of the shows on this tour, get ready for an mind melting eye popping music loving fest.

Well, that's it for now. short and to the point...
well, I guess not straight to the point... but we got there in the end...