Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Some things must be said,

Ha Ha Tonka is the name of the band that we are currently on tour with.
They are comprised of four incredibly kind and talented individuals.
Their Tour Manager/sound engineer is named James.
That makes three James' on one tour.
This is too many.
Two of them will have to go.
May the longest haired, beard-having-one with the last name Smith win...

just sayin'.

On another note... we played 'The Intersection' again last night.
and fewweeeee... what an interesting show.

Here's my impression of the first 3 songs...


(thanks supposed to symbolize ear bleedingly loud feedback...)

After we climbed that mountain, the show started to look up.
Then we got to hear Ha Ha Tonka rock out.
they sure can sing and play.

If you are coming to any of the shows on this tour, get ready for an mind melting eye popping music loving fest.

Well, that's it for now. short and to the point...
well, I guess not straight to the point... but we got there in the end...


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Alexandra said...

So hey, I really love you guys. I used to come and hear you play all the time when I lived in the NY/NJ area. Trouble is, I have recently (ok, like 8 months ago) moved to London and feel this giant musical void. GRANTED there's some lovely lovely music happening here, but no one does what you guys do.

European tour soon? Or at least... London.. tour soon?

Just a thought ;-)