Saturday, March 20, 2010



Monday, March 15, 2010

We be in Buffalo country now!

and now, some visual stimulation.

In life, there are moments that exist in such ludicrous perfection that you feel as though each breath is as filling as a thanksgiving day feast.

These moments danced around us during our stay in Kentucky.

We didn't have a place when we arrived in Lexington. So in an act of desperation we asked the audience, half way through our show, if anyone could put up 6 complete strangers for the night.
Much to our surprise, it worked. And thus, we were introduced to our new friends the Slaters.

Our sleepy souls were met with beds and couches. And in the morning our empty tummies and sore tour butts were met with breakfast and a hike through the woods.

What a beautiful rainy couple of days.

~The Lead Sled II

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Aint the Mountains grand.

Ladies and Gentlemen, our tour crew...

Noah Goldman...

"Crazy Horse"

Kate Stein...

"Party Pants"

Pete Lalish...

"Wild Fire"

Last night at 2:45 Am we convened to discuss sleeping arrangements... I mean SOMEONE had to sleep near Noah... But no one was budging. So banished he was to another building where the following scenario unfolded:

3:00 AM- Bed time.
4:00 AM- Strange scratching at door. Cat meows.
4:05 AM- Not sure how cat got into room...whose cat is this?
4:06 AM- Gets up to let cat scurries under bed in classic scared-e cat fashion.
4:10 AM-4:45AM- Multiple attempts to get cat out from under bed and out of room.
5:00 AM- Problem solved.
5:01 AM- Sleep.
8:30 AM- Cat wants to say good morning - loudly.
8:30-9:30 AM - With the cat soundtrack underscoring, our hero hopes that pretending to be asleep is almost as restful as actually being asleep.
9:30 AM - "Wakes up."
10:30 AM- Everyone in bus and on road.

ooohhhh the life of a tour manager for the Standards.

What beautiful country side... from the mountains of West Virginia to the horse races of Kentucky.

Much love to you all, and see you soon.

~The Lead Sled II

Friday, March 12, 2010

On our way.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce to you our SXSW tour crew.

Our tour manager Noah Goldman;

Ferret wrestler, Lady bug rescuer (builds them little lady bug houses when they are lost in the world) and lady killer (no really... murderer...)

Our photographer Kate Stein;

Cave dweller, Cat fisher woman, and riot provoker. (remember France circa 1789.... all her.)

Our Music Guru Pete Lalish;

Artichoke heart ripper outer, evil destroyer, body painter (when we look like the blue man group at our shows you will know why.)

shit. is. going. to. go. down.

So let us start you off with a little story...

Last night we played in Easton, MD. what a place. great sound guy, good people, tiny stage.

During one of our tunes Smith plays the trumpet and decided to give the trumpet a good ole fashioned rock throw to Noah who was off stage.

here is a diagram of exactly what happened...

the trumpet it OK. James' rock ego is not.

Tonight we're headin' to "The Purple Fiddle" in WV. and these were our preperations...

9 am: wake up.
10 am: B-fast.
12 pm: go time.
12:01 pm: dance party.
12:03 pm: exhausted from dance party.

what can be expected at tonights show you might ask??
Rock, dancing, Rock-dancing, Dancing Rocks... and moonshine.

See you fools there and beyond.

~The Lead Sled II

Thursday, March 11, 2010

back in action

it's a new year! and a new tour is beginning! and we are going to be blogging people, so get your 4-D blog glasses out and clean those lenses - the standards are BACK!