Monday, March 15, 2010

We be in Buffalo country now!

and now, some visual stimulation.

In life, there are moments that exist in such ludicrous perfection that you feel as though each breath is as filling as a thanksgiving day feast.

These moments danced around us during our stay in Kentucky.

We didn't have a place when we arrived in Lexington. So in an act of desperation we asked the audience, half way through our show, if anyone could put up 6 complete strangers for the night.
Much to our surprise, it worked. And thus, we were introduced to our new friends the Slaters.

Our sleepy souls were met with beds and couches. And in the morning our empty tummies and sore tour butts were met with breakfast and a hike through the woods.

What a beautiful rainy couple of days.

~The Lead Sled II

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