Saturday, March 13, 2010

Aint the Mountains grand.

Ladies and Gentlemen, our tour crew...

Noah Goldman...

"Crazy Horse"

Kate Stein...

"Party Pants"

Pete Lalish...

"Wild Fire"

Last night at 2:45 Am we convened to discuss sleeping arrangements... I mean SOMEONE had to sleep near Noah... But no one was budging. So banished he was to another building where the following scenario unfolded:

3:00 AM- Bed time.
4:00 AM- Strange scratching at door. Cat meows.
4:05 AM- Not sure how cat got into room...whose cat is this?
4:06 AM- Gets up to let cat scurries under bed in classic scared-e cat fashion.
4:10 AM-4:45AM- Multiple attempts to get cat out from under bed and out of room.
5:00 AM- Problem solved.
5:01 AM- Sleep.
8:30 AM- Cat wants to say good morning - loudly.
8:30-9:30 AM - With the cat soundtrack underscoring, our hero hopes that pretending to be asleep is almost as restful as actually being asleep.
9:30 AM - "Wakes up."
10:30 AM- Everyone in bus and on road.

ooohhhh the life of a tour manager for the Standards.

What beautiful country side... from the mountains of West Virginia to the horse races of Kentucky.

Much love to you all, and see you soon.

~The Lead Sled II


Caroline said...

Hoarses of Kentucky? Nice to have the LS back- we missed her.

heidi said...

Ya'lls have a blog?!

Wait. The worst part Noah, was that John made you leave the strawberries.
Does the guest house have its own cat? Because I got the same treatment from Raven in the hostel. hmm. Does the Purple Fiddle have a bevy of ghostly critters?