Saturday, April 16, 2011

Zenith Cafe, Pittsburgh PA

hey folks, heather here.
i love my new iPhone for many reasons but mainly because it lets me take pictures of lovely places - places like the zenith cafe in pittsburgh, PA, where we enjoyed an absolutely delicious lunch yesterday. formatting this blog is a headache so i'm gonna leave it a bit haphazard, but you'll get the idea. observe:

each table had its own unique, colorful aesthetic, complete with tablecloths, place-mats and vintage dinnerware.

look how you can see me in the mirror through the front door! oh and the bathroom was all owl-themed. we were OWL about it!! PUNS!!

oh and did i mention there's a flea market-style vintage shop attached to the restaurant?? yeah. it was really awesome. you should go here next time you're in pittsburgh - it's a no brainer.

that's all for now friends.

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