Sunday, September 12, 2010

Al. most. th. e. r. e......

So ladies and gentlemen.
We done did it.
We are 11 miles from home after a 3 week tour.
Let us compare feelings that are similar to being 11 miles away and knowing the traffic will cause it to be a 2 hour journey.

It's like when you have to pee pretty badly and then you see the bathroom and the feeling changes from pretty badly to imminent bladder failure.

kinda like that.

It's kinda like if you were stranded in the desert with no water, but you had a computer with the most beautiful waterfall screen saver.

a little bit like that.

It's kind of like meeting Shakira at a bar, hitting it off really well, writing her number on your hand, dancing with her in the rain, politely putting her in a cab, and then realizing her number washed off in the rain.

exactly like that.

We've had quite a ride on this one, folks... we've laughed, we've cried, we've died. no not really. it just rhymed and I'm going loopy from being in the car for 12 hours.

We have a few more one off dates in NY, DE, and VA. so come and see us go insane.

We love you all, and will catch you on the flip flop.
Until next time.


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