Sunday, November 7, 2010

A trasnscription.

And now to start off the blogging of this tour... a transcription of the sites along this road.

white dotted lines, Fields, grain processing plant, Exit 25 Monroe, Bridge, yellow merge sign, telephone poles (and wires), silo, red barns, cars, car, cars, truck, Prairie city 7, Des Moines 33, hawk, lone tree, police car, slower moving scenery, life size wooden bear statue, hill, dip, hill, dip, water tower, mile 10, rumble strips, bird, brick house, truck for sale, army of yellow school buses, speed zone ahead, speed limit 55, Southeast Polk high school, stadium, acres for sale, red traffic light, NE 80 st, green traffic light, mile 7, Key stone savings bank, more road, Jack Miller Christmas Trees, Deery Brothers Chevrolet.

Thrilled yet?
Thought you'd like that...
good bye for now.


p.s. Cleare was in a terrible accident.


Heather said...

Hey, I think I know that road! :)

Caroline said...

I keep hoping for an vain, in vain. All that drama in Illinois and the snowy frozen wastes.....