Monday, November 22, 2010


I have one and only mission while driving from New Orleans to Orlando.

Hear me out...

I will do one of these 5 things...

1.) catch and tame a gator for our live show.
2.) catch a gator on the flip video.
3.) get a picture with my head precariously inside an alligators open mouth.
4.) surf using a gator as my board.
5.) just see and alligator.

OK, OK.. some of these are more likely than others...but so help you Florida, if I don't even see one...

I do NOT want to have to settle for the taxidermied head I just saw at a rest stop. It is unfair to both me and gator.

I'm actually hoping to have captured one before the end of this blog so that I can attach a picture or a video.
We. Will. See.

On a completely different note... we love Joey Ryan and Meg & Dia. They are all the nicest.

I've said it before...being on the road with good people makes a tour what it is.
And of course it helps if you can get your groove on to the music as well.

So here it is, time to drive it home:

Get. Their. Music.

Or even better, come and see all of us live on this tour!

Most of the venues see us coming and know we mean business... they put these up as we entered.

Want some incentive?
1) We are giving away 4 free songs and "punch cards" (like coffee club cards. The more you get punched, the cooler the prize.)
2) Joey Ryan is giving away a free song if you sign up on his mailing list at the show.
3) Meg & Dia have a brand new ep out that you can only get at the shows.

That's my spiel and I'm stickin' to it.

Thank you for your kind eyes,
until we meet again,



1 comment:

Amy said...

Well.. my friends have called me Gator since high school. You can have me.

Does that count??