Friday, November 26, 2010

Ho.Ly. Crud.

We just crossed the PA boarder.
Ho. Ly. Crud buckets.

What a wondrous feeling.
Here is a brief recap of the days gone by.

Florida brought no alligators our way. Damn you Orlando. Damn you.
But Thanksgiving did bring us Turkeys.

We spent the night in Atlanta on Thanksgiving eve.
Knowing that we had about 11 hours of driving that we wanted to get under our belts on Thanksgiving.
The next morning, we started out with an amazingly scrumptious breakfast... full of stuffing, bread pudding, biscuits, gravy, sausages, mimosa's, coffee and veggie bacon for the pescatarians of the group **eeeaww eeawww....fingers point towards Heather**
And for those that have never seen cooked veggie bacon...

We set off with our bellies full and our hearts all a'flutter.
Our goal... Hagerstown, Maryland.

On our lazy Thanksgiving day journey we saw one of the strangest things that we thought one could see on this day.
While driving down the highway we saw a HUGE wild and fully living turkey trotting into the woods from the road. We felt like it had to be one of three things.
The turkey flipping everyone the bird (budumching) while saying... "SUCKERSS!!!!"
Second, a turkey reenactment of "Cool Hand Luke".
and the final possibility... a trap for humans... Slyly asking us to follow it into the safe and warm woods as if to promise an easy feast. But when you arrive... you are greeted by an army of turkeys and put into a pot of boiling veggies and prepared for their thanksgiving Day feast!
Turkeys 1, Humans.... well I guess we're still up...

This came from boredom along the way...

Our other mission was to find an eatery for our special meal.
Our choices were slim. But we found it. and boy was it ever fancy. Cracker Barrel.

We hope your Turkey day was as lovely and strange as ours was.
Much love to you all.
we are so very thankful for each of you.

Much love,

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