Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Guys, guys, guys, guys!!!!

We're actually doing it!
it's OOOONNNN!!!

We are in the studio recording some tunes in the hopes of finishing the first installment of a two ep collection so soon.

So far, so amazing. We have been losing sleep over the excitement.
So now that we've checked in.
How are you all?

yup. we're asking.
how are you?



carosmith said...

Dear Lead Sled,
I have been waiting with heart aflutter for your next letter from the front. The front of what? you ask. The front of the van, I reply. Little did I expect that you would be imprisoned in a dark recording studio, instead of running free on the open road. Do you need to be rescued?

carosmith said...

Dear Lead Sled...
Well deary deary me. Fancy those lazy musician blighters leaving you there where you could be all snowed on instead of covering you up in a nice blanket to keep you warm and safe from the snow. I bet they were inside getting toasty while you were left out in the cold, cold, snow. It's no fun being the Lead Sled, sometimes, I think.