Sunday, August 29, 2010


we're here! we're here! shoot. more than 2 days passed. we're sorry dangit.

the last two nights we've played really fun shows with a great band called 'civil twilight.' the first was in austin - WE LOVE AUSTIN! we swam at barton springs, got some sage hot sauce advice, ate until we nearly burst and got to play to a full room at stubb jr's! our dear friends danielle and elizabeth were kind enough to house us and didn't give us a hard time for coming in at nearly 3am! now that's friendship.

last night was in tulsa - our first time in oklahoma! we had a blast playing at cain's and enjoying some of the local flavors, you know like greek salads and coors. we met a ton of wonderful people and one in particular, our new friend chris, made the night super special by offering to let us crash at his house. new friend and comfortable lodging all in one fell swoop! after the show we grabbed a drink with the fellas from 'civil twilight' and partook in a hilarious game of pool with some extremely memorable locals. it was great. this morning we SLEPT IN for the first time in days and ate a scrumptious brunch of waffles and scrambled eggs (all homemade by the aforementioned chris) and watched 'total recall.'

i guess you could say the last 72hrs have been pretty great. touring is fun.

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