Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Got a game for you.

Match these three "who done whats" to these three names.
Cleare, Heather, Smith

1.) accidentally drank cologne during a joke.
2.) was a leotard-wearing child gymnast.
3.) tripped, hit head and had to get stitches for trying to run to the bathroom with pants around ankles.


we're on our way to Ohio!!! see you there.

~The Dead Lead Sled Said.


Sidney said...

1. I'm going with Cleare. Totally seems like him :)
2. Smith. Just because.
3. Heather because... I don't know. I just want this to be right.

P.S. Love the new album. Come to the West Coast soon! We miss you!

Mandabean said...

hmm i will probably get these all wrong.
1. Heather
2. Smith
3. Cleare

if I had to change it up again I would pick
1. Cleare
2. Heather
3. Smith

much love! safe travels!
enjoy OH! hopefully it's warmer than it is here on LI.