Thursday, March 10, 2011

Arkansas, cigarette smoke and a one mand Band.

Here we be.
We fearsome three.
In Arkansas to play for thee.

the end.

What a Nutso Showzo. We pay homage to all of the bands and singers of the past that had to play in smokey clubs. If you kept your voice...we bow to you.
After a 17 hour sound check with "Buzz Galore" (our new touring companion), we started playing our first show of this SxSW tour.
Not bad. Not bad at all.

After the show, we cleared some of the stage so that the next band could set up.
The next band was called "Noise Letter." In this band was a hug-friendly, kind spirited, young man, his guitar and an ipod full of pre made garage band tracks.

Watching this gentleman play was a site to behold. You could almost picture him in an arena playing to thousands.
just to list a few of the rock n' roll moves...

The 'tongue out' move, the ole 'foot up on the monitor' move, the 'in the crowd with just a mic' move, the 'sexy stare to the girl in the front row' move, and the ole 'thank you Fayetteville' move.

He was a generous and kind spirited guy, and his company was much appreciated and enjoyed.

We found out that we were going to stay upstairs with our new friend/promoter, Haley. Again, another kind spirited generous individual.

Let it be known, Fayetteville, we like your people. Not a bad egg did we meet in our 16 hours there.

When we awoke in the morning there was a chill in the air, but buds on the trees. A beautiful cloudless day.

Before we left for Denton, TX, we needed our coffee and 'in-town' experience.
Off to the pre discovered "Kafe" down the street. We downed a delish cup of joe then off we set to a grocery store for more breakfasty goods.

Look what WE found.

It's a Basketball...

Thanks Fayetteville.
Denton... You've got your work cut out for you.


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