Wednesday, March 9, 2011

you know it's bad when...

...23 hours of driving in 2 days feels manageable.

HELLO! we are currently in missouri. yesterday we were in new york. skies were blue yesterday but today they have been overcast. we ate a sit-down dinner at wendy's last night - it was romantic. we stayed in a very inexpensive hotel and ate a delicious continental breakfast this morning, completely with oddly dented hard-boiled eggs. we saw the st. louis arc thing and drove right past it. that was sad - we like st. louis.

tonight we are playing in fayetteville, AR - we've never been there but it seems like a pretty rockin' place. or anyway it will be once we done with it. BOOYAH.

this tour will be fun because we get to be both musicians and super-fans. we've been pouring over the schedules of 35 Conferette and SXSW, circling shows we want to see, making lists and strategies for maximum intake over the next 2 weeks - so many talented people in one gigantic state. how did texas get so lucky?

like you lots,

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Alison said...

Who are you most excited to see at SXSW??