Friday, September 26, 2008

Last night we played in one of the neatest-named cities in all of America - Chattanooga, Tennessee. I hope I spelled both of those right...double consonants and vowels all over the place. We played at a place called rhythm & brews (cleeeeeeever) with a singer-songwriter out of Nashville named Katie Herzig and a Knoxville-based group called the Everybodyfields. It was an amazing night of music.

We packed sandwiches yesterday, which was cute. We put the sliced tomatoes in a separate bag so the bread didn't get soggy. We're cute. And ugly. And cute. But pretty ugly.

We like packing lunches because we can afford it, unlike gas, which, with the state of our current economy, is getting hard to find in certain cities, making it more expensive. Both Nashville and Chattanooga have more roped off gas stations than a green bean farm has caterpillars (which makes traveling a whole new kind of adventure). $700,000,000,000? hm... interesting...

And now going back to food (truly the most interesting topic on the bill), we had the extraordinary luck of having food prepared for us today by our friendly cabin neighbor "Dee Dee". It was incredible to have home cooked food out here on the roO-Ad. Fried fish, beef, fancy mac 'n cheese, green beans and turkey bacon and a nice tall glass of ginger ale to finish it all off. What.....a.....feast...
It was the four of us and Dee Dee sitting at the lunch table with some uninvited guests hiding out in the green beans.

And just in case you were wondering, yes that is a caterpillar.

All told, the cabin was a relaxing rock n' roll time filled with life giving life juices.

And now... onward and upward... (or downward and sideways if you are looking at a map of the nation) towards Greenville, SC.

Until next time friends,
~The Lead Sled


Chris said...

Could it be that the caterpillar is not invading your picnic, but instead a fan of your lesser-known fourth band member (the moth)?

Nix said...

I make maps for Birmingham, AL quite often for our news station there... I'm going to secretly put a map in their system with a giant star there, therefore subliminally convincing everyone who watches their news services to see you tomorrow... everyone will show up... not knowing why they're there... and then proceed to rock out... (since I missed sneaking one in for the Greenville show, we have a station there as well)

much love guys... love the blog!

Brian said...

Loved your set at Rhythm & Brews, you have a new fan! I'll be keeping lookout for y'all to come within striking distance of Knoxville again. Until then, many happy trails :)