Wednesday, June 10, 2009

drive it up and drive it in

last night we saw 'hangover' (or is it 'the hangover'....can't remember) at a drive-in outside memphis, TN. now good gosh darn it, why isn't every movie theater a drive-in?? that is my question. there is absolutely no reason to see a movie inside when you can see one outside in the comfort and delight of your own car, be the lead sled or otherwise. it is absolute and pure bliss. we got ourselves some 'za, a mosquito coil (weird contraptions, but effective) and collapsed the backseat into a custom-made movie bed - it was perfection.

and that wasn't the only highlight of yesterday's tennessee adventure. check this out:

good times.

today we arrive in dear old little rock, where our arkansas family lives. we really love president bill clinton ave.

mugginess be damned! we will enjoy this midwesternsouthern jaunt!
the lead sled


emily said...

i am so delighted by your love for gazebos! whenever we road trip to your out of NYC gigs, we are forever on gazebosearch. This blog totally made me homesick, too, by the way, so thanks for that.

clarissa said...

Have fun in Texas!!

Anonymous said...

lol We have TONS of gazebos down here in Florida. It's funny that you mention the drive-in because me and a couple of friends are going to head to a drive-in this weekend.