Wednesday, February 18, 2009

it's snaining

why yes, i DID just invent a word.

SNAIN (noun): a precipitation that combines, in even parts, both rain and snow in order to create the saddest possible weather condition.
Boy, this snain is really making me feel blue.
If it doesn't stop snaining soon I might just have to sit in an empty bathtub and cry.

ok, so it's not really that bad. and luckily we've got some great jams going in the ol' Lead Sled to ward off any true despair. but MAN, just when you're ready to usher in an early spring...

today is the first day of our last burst of touring before a 3 week break - our first real break of 2009! we've been having such a blast touring all over the place for the past month and a half, but a break will be truly wonderful. personally, i plan to sleep for 2.5 weeks of it. i've got some bear hormone pills that are supposed to work wonders...

so right now we are heading in the direction of memphis, TN, where we will spend the next 3 days as participants in the illustrious Folk Alliance Conference of 2009. we don't know very much about the conference, but here is the badass postcard that james designed for the occassion:
we hope they like us and want us at all of their folk festivals. EVERY SINGLE ONE!

keep your chins up kiddles, this snain, too, will pass...
the lead sled

1 comment:

Rachel said...

i had some snain here the other day, too. but luckily, i slept through it.
if you've got extra postcards left over, i know a scrawny 19 year old girl who would want some ;)