Saturday, February 21, 2009

today is saturday

we've spent most of today driving through the state of 'unbridled spirit' - kentucky, of course. we've watched 'american psycho', listened to boys II men and eaten many sun chips, but we've still got almost 200 miles before we'll be able to rest our weary bodies. it's snowing out and james smith is a champion of inclement weather conditions

we spent thursday and friday at a marriott in downtown memphis, where we were participants in the the annual folk alliance conference. there were tons and tons of people there, walking around with any number of acoustic instruments and a wide array of fashionable folk music attire. we saw a lot of music, but our favorite act was 'the parkinton sisters,' a group of 5 sisters with more talent than the 20-floor hotel could hold. check them the heck out on myspace and see them when they play in your town - 'cause they will.

tomorrow we're playing the illustrious 'mountain stage' in charleston, west virginia - we're not quite sure when the broadcast will be (it's an NPR show!), but we'll be sure to let you know when we find out more details. we're opening for 'the drive-by truckers' and only playing for 16 minutes (yes, they were that specific), but we're super stoked about it.

in other news, we ate at morgan freeman's restaurant in memphis last night and DAYAM was it a classy joint. amazing live blues music was the perfect compliment to our delicious southern food feast. we were so excited by the meal that we almost got kicked off the trolley we took back to the hotel. but we didn't, so it all worked out.

that's all for now...hope you're warm and snuggly wherever you are...
the lead sled


Dr. Sickness said...

Hey Gang,
I'll probably get to tell you this in person, but the Spring Standards on Mountain Stage will air the second week of May, I believe. But we'll be in touch so that everyone knows when to listen.

Hear some other great stuff at .

Thanks for the mention! We'll see you in a couple of hours.

Adam (MtnStage)

Hank said...

Absolutely loved the show in Charleston. You guys made the most of your 16 minutes! When you are close again, I am bringing my friends. Man did they miss a great show. Hank Dial

Amy said...

So.. is it the *lead* sled like.. soon to be replaced with graphite sled.. or is it the *lead* sled like.. follow that sled!