Monday, January 26, 2009

Dearest friends,

did anyone read the family circus this morning?
oh silly family circus.

Last night we played a venue called The Rev room in Little Rock Arkansas... and what a room of rev 'twas. It had the look of a large rock room, the feel of a casual living room and a sound system of the gods.

The show went swimmingly, the sound was great and we had a supportive audience of rockers. But let us tell you the main thing we discovered about Little Rock Arkansas. There is a group of people that have a distinct kindness in their hearts much like pooh bear's.

With no place to stay, we were planning on spending $32347486242.00 on a hotel room for the night. But lo and behold, the band that headlined the evening, "Free Micah," lived 10 minutes away and offered us a roof over our heads for the evening.

Little did we know what was in store for us...a night of generosity, kindness, musical and philosophical jamming and unbelievably comfortable beds. We stayed up until all hours of the morning listening to and playing music. Once that was over and it was time for bed, the hosts of the shindig (Jay, Matt and Eli) gave up their own beds to the weak and feeble Spring Standards, insisting that they'd be fine on the living room floor and couch. Wow. No words.

Tonight we're sleeping in a hotel in Neosho, Missouri - our plans to drive all the way to Kansas City today were thwarted by unrelenting freezing rain. A night of pizza, Minority Report, Life Aquatic and complimentary exercise rooms...not too bad.

See you at the continental breakfast (don't really be there, that'd be creepy),
The Lead Sled


Amelia said...

"(don't really be there, that'd be creepy),"
imagine, like all of your subscribers just show up there?

emily said...

while you had no words, i just had an audible "awwww". looks like the tour angels have your back.