Saturday, January 31, 2009

what is a moine?

does anyone know what a moine is? and does des moines mean 2 moines? please help us settle this debate.

in other news, we're heading back east today - with luck we'll make it to pittsburgh tonight and be back in nyc by the time the eagles win the superbowl. that's right...the eagles.

so the elephant in the room here needs to be addressed. yes, we spent the last two nights opening for kevin costner and modern west. yes, he told an amazing story about filming 'JFK'. yes, we all got to shake his hand and to be honest he wasn't any taller than we thought he'd be. all in all it was a great and very memorable experience - his band was super badass and we had a blast playing for packed houses at 'slowdown' in omaha and 'people's court' in des moines. also, his audiences were very enthusiastic and generous and liked buying us drinks. so that was fun too...

did i already mention it's cold here?

so we've got roughly 12 hours and 5 states to go through before our tour-weary bodies will rest this evening. any road game suggestions?

go eagles!
the lead sled


andie said...

-- But is it really snowing? :D

When I was little, my sister and I used to make ... things out of tin foil, if you were looking for something to do on the road, lol.

emily said...

un moine is a monk! you're welcome.

get home safely!

Alexa (Fraulein Grossebloggenhalter) said...

Pittsburgh! That's where I am. Prepare to meet a town overtaken by madness when you pass through tonight - the air is already filled with honking and howling and other such rambunctiousness. Perhaps some tin foil monks/moines would serve to guard your journey.