Friday, January 16, 2009

farewell jeff taylor

ladies and gentleman,

today we bid farewell to a fine road warrior. a man of stature and grace; a man who loves alexander hamilton; a man who will share his grapefruit and give you his animal crackers, who will take the middle seat without being asked and will think twice before rooting through a lady's purse.

that man is jeff taylor.

we will remember his impeccable british accent.
we will remember his singing toasts.
we will remember his enthusiasm for philadelphia's historic district.
we will remember his leadership in the hotel bed bounce expo 2009.

who but such a man could order a pizza to be delivered to the van? who but such a man could run a mile inside a house in jacksonville, florida?

the sweet sound of his whistling will echo forever in the lead sled.
in loving memory,
the lead sled

ps...he's not dead. we just miss him.

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