Thursday, January 29, 2009

somewhere in the middle of america...

'august and everything after' anyone? yeeeeah. omaha baby, omaha!

how have we been? well, to put it plainly, we're honestly quite relieved to have made it through the week unscathed. perhaps i'm overdramatizing - sorry mom! i guess it wasn't really so bad. we had a few days of treacherous driving through arkansas, missouri and illinois - crazy stuff. there were ridiculous ice storms throughout the midwest and we found ourselves smack in the middle of the action more than a few times. need some proof? how's this....

when's the last time you saw FROZEN GRASS? pretty neat, huh. it also sounded cool when we walked on it. i liked it.

so we went through about 4 gallons of windshield wiper fluid and there were some whiteknuckled moments, but all in all i'd say this was the most frightening moment of the whole trip:


we played in chicago last night at a really cool venue called 'schubas'. also on the bill were two nashville acts, both ridiculously awesome - pico vs. island trees kicked off the night with some tight rock 'em sock 'em grooves and katie herzig closed out the evening with her gorgeously woven melodies and honest-to-goodness storytelling. the surprise of the night was a delightful reunion with some new friends from the rock boat, ryan and pete of gaelic storm (our favorite), who came out to show some post-boat support. it was a special night - the kind that can almost make you forget the fact that you can't feel your feet or your face. almost.

we stayed with friends last night and feasted on cookies that were delivered to us by heather's aunt. the cookies are becoming a chicago tradition - we're super into it.

today we're driving west and crossing into iowa.....NOW. seriously, we just did! all the way across iowa and into nebraska and bam - we'll find ourselves in omaha. tonight is the first of two opening slots we're playing with kevin costner and modern west. COSTNER! we're playing at a venue called slowdown, owned by conor oberst (bright eyes). should be a fun one...that is, if james and james are able to calm their nerves and quiet their inner 11-year-olds that keep telling them we're opening for the prince of thieves. let's hope for the best!

never forget - it's the heart that matters more,
the lead sled

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Chris said...

Whoa, how cool is that frozen grass!?