Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Boo ya.

Hello friends,

We survived, but BARELY.

L.A. was an amazingly excellent place for a day off from the long hard road. We spent Sunday bumming around Venice beach with some good friends, Frisbees and baseballs. We invented a few new games and got some free hugs from a street vendor who was advertising them on a poster board ("Free Hugs")...who could turn that down? Some theatre was seen, some Sushi was eaten, and a late night of hanging out in the valley continued into the wee hours of the morning. Yes, we are rockstars.

The next day we went to breakfast at a delicious spot called Jinky's, got our bass head fixed, and treated me, the Lead Sled, to a blissful internal makeover (changing oil, blah blah blah). Yes, we are efficient business people.

Before we knew it, 'twas time to make our way over to the Hotel Cafe to get ready for our little rock show. Lots of good people + good sound + inherent LA coolness = a super fun show. The following morning, bleary-eyed and slightly blue, we turned our wheel north for the first time since leaving NYC. Goodbye LA, Hello San Francisco! We set Ruth (our GPS vixen) for Hotel Utah and settled onto I-5 for the long haul. (ps - we've officially deemed this leg of the tour 'Hotels across Cali'.)

We arrived in San Fran with a few hours to spare, so we did what any self-respecting easterner would do with a few hours to spare in San Fran - we went to In-N-Out Burger of course! Well, everyone but Heather that is, she found herself a smoothie elsewhere. Loser...

After the show, we drove out to a friend's house in Berkley where we stayed for the night. Yet again, another very comfortable and hospitable roof over our heads. ROBOTS!!

Side Note: During the drive to Berkley, James Cleare's birthday started. And it's still going! LIBRAS!!


(one last thing: if you are stuck in the wilderness, cat tails are mostly edible),
~The Lead Sled


Valerie J. said...

High five for Libras! Happy birthday!

Liz said...

Happy Burfday Mr. Cleare! Drive safe!

Tamra said...

Hope the birthday was especially happy...

...and just say no to cat tails!

I must say i would myself be considered a loser... as when i tried in-n-out burger i thought it was ok, but nothing special... next time i need to try panda express (funny story there)