Sunday, October 12, 2008

who knew?

Guys. We learned something awesome today. Idaho is BEAUTIFUL. And cold as heckfire. And it snows in early October. Observe:

After an amazing show with Stephen Kellogg in Seattle on Friday, we officially began the homeward leg of our tour - easterly ho! Yesterday we drove all the way from Monroe, WA to Boise, ID. We had a band practice in the van while 'The Body' twisted and turned through gorgeous Northeastern Oregon. We arrived in Boise intending to paint the town ruby red on a hot saturday night, but ended up eating a mediocre dinner at Perkins before collapsing into bed before midnight, with 'Hot Fuzz' as our lullabye.

And now, James, Mike and Heather, alternating one word at a time:

We went upwards and saw nothing, except for one lonely seagull, gulling its gulls. "What the HECK? This isn't really appropriate!" After leaving the heights of heights, by golly, we soared across mighty canyons and fruitful plains. The richest one of all was the poorest with dirty dirty dirty dirt. Meanwhile, the cattle wondered rhetorically "Wow. Really? This has turned pretty ridiculous." "Agreed!" said the seagull, who mused existentially at the sight of majestic mountaintops. Distracted by a telepathic signal, the lead sled said "Man...what a glorious afternoon!"

Thank you.

With luck, we will make it all the way to Laramie, WY tonight. Without luck, we will end up in a snow pile on the side of I-80 somewhere. Something in the middle will land us in a cheap motel in eastern Wyoming, hopefully with a continental breakfast. Keep your fingers crossed...

Purple Mountains Majesty 4eva,
The Lead Sled


Nix said...

ahhh... snow... north is wonderful eh... it's why i don't like the south... i'm used to snow on the ground mid sept... *recalls the good ol' days)

hope the roads have been great to you... don't let the yetis get you... (is yeti the same as pierogi... or moose... where the plural is the same as the singular??)

melissa. said...

while youre traveling in snowfalls, us new yorker's are going to the beach / beer garden this columbus day weekend. seventy degrees = beautiful weather for oktoberfest celebrations via the sand. happy traveling!

Liz said...

Please do not end up in a snow pile.

Thank you.

Amelia Bienstock said...

well that video was... special.
Just reiterates why i love this band, like a lot.

Rachel said...

i miss you all so much