Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Conned in New Orleans

7:00 AM is early.
Anyone who says different is lookin' for a knuckle sandwich from us, yuh hear? That's when we had to wake up to get to Alabama safely by 11:30 for our Fox news debut. That's right, you heard it correctly. Fox News.

We arrived in plenty of time due to the fact that we still don't have a knack for the whole time change thing. After a long and winding ride to the very top of a mountain, we were met by Contact-style satellite dishes. Once we checked in we were directed to go even higher: straight to the roof of the Fox 6 building where we set up and rocked out to Little Bug and Reply for our friendly local reporter "J.J". Never seeing the actual broadcast, we just hoped they didn't put any rude captions on our faces as we played. We have our eye on you Fox News 6.

After that crazy experience, we loaded all of our rock-belongings back into the van, headed back down the long and winding road away from the huge Contact-style satellite dishes, and continued on our journey to the Work-Play theater.

What a venue. Just really good people up in that piece.

After the show, we followed our good friend Ankit to his house 4 hours away from the venue where we all slept soundly on beds of air and plastic. Once awake, we slugged our way to a Mexican meal (quite a treat).

Now we're 2 hours from New Orleans. And what's a group of 4 strange people to do when this close to such an amazing place? I'll tell ya...

Get conned into buying a hat from a very sweet old lady. She said she had to fine us for not having enough fun. She had me at hello. And then had me at 10 bucks for the hat, but what a sweet hat it is.

So, back in the Lead Sled, hat in hand and 10 bucks lighter.

To Austin!

Play on playa,
The Lead Sled.


Chris said...

Here's the broadcast! It cuts off mid-"Reply"... you guys were great. Very "fair and balanced"

Check it out!

Tamra said...

there were some really great camera angles... it must have been weird with the camera dude all up in your personal space :D

Liz said...


You know what that old lady said after you left?


I'm kidding! Enjoy the hat and the West Coast.

biblioholic29 said...

So glad you guys linked to your blog on your email blast, what if I had gone your entire tour without reading up on you! I emailed some cousins yesterday to try to get them to hit your San Fran show. See you when you get back!

Moxie said...

aww. i miss you mofos. play on, playa.