Friday, October 3, 2008

did i mention west texas is big?

So. We've been driving for about 8 hours and we've got about 6 more to go before we crash on Heather's brother's girlfriend's floor for the night. Yes folks, today's a long one - hopefully our longest of the entire tour. How have we passed the time, you ask? Well, we've watched all of last night's debates, searched for funny commentary on said debates, laughed or slept through ghostbusters 1 AND 2, ooooed and aaaaaahhhed at the beautiful landscape and feasted on leftovers from last night's dinner at Stubb's BBQ in Austin, TX. Quite a day!

Still in store: amazing mexican food dinner in El Paso and, if Smith has his way, probably at least one of the Alien movies. Or, if Heather has her way, all of the first season of Arrested Development. We'll see who wants it more...

Yesterday in Austin was an absolute blast - Stubb's was a great venue, and Austin is a helluva town. We were lucky enough to experience one of the city's most unique summer tourist attractions: its remarkable bat community. Yes, you heard me right - believe it or not, Austin has the largest urban bat population in the country. And you thought all if had going for it was live music...tsk tsk tsk.

We also partook in one of the city's year-round highlights: first thursday. The first thursday of every month finds Austin's downtown scene positively bustling with street merchants, street musicians, street capoiera masters (yup), and Claire Danes. Yeah, we saw her. Not a problem.

The show itself you ask? A great time. The highlight was a mid-song guitar switch, executed flawless by our illustrious guitar guru, Mike 'the body' Viotti. We also had the distinct honor of having Rhett Miller's younger sister in the audience with her hubby and friends. They were absolutely wonderful, further supporting our suspicions that the Millers are heaven-sent robots.

After a night of glorious sleep on the living room floor of Smith's friend Peter, and a delicious home-cooked breakfast (Peter is a heaven-sent robot too - they're everywhere!), we started the long trek west that will end in Tucson at around 2am tomorrow morning, Mountain Time. Gaia help us all...

Until next time,
the lead sled

ps - we don't mean to post these in courier font, but for some odd reason blogspot won't let us use trebuchet like we want. just wanted to make that clear.


Liz said...

Are your necks getting stiff from all that floor sleeping?

Nix said...

I for one very much like courier font. It's like the awkward cousin of 'american typewriter' which is up there on the list for me along side the classic standard of helvetica and a few others.

Shannon Q said...

i just read this austin blog. i am SO glad you saw the bats!! they are one of my favorite things in austin. AND first Thursday?? You did it right guys.