Thursday, October 23, 2008

the frigidest north

Holy crap. It's cold.

We're currently en route to Syracuse, NY (location of Heather's alma-mater) for a show at the riskily named Funk N' Waffles. [Say it aloud if you don't get why its name is risky.] Last night was spent in the happenin little town of Northampton, MA, where we played a show at the Iron Horse Music Hall with our wonderful friends, The Everybodyfields. If you were there, you know how much it rocked, and if you weren't there, you should take our word for it when we say that it rocked. Just listen to these rave reviews:

"Man, that show rocked!" - guy at show
"Wow, what a rockin show!" - girl at show
"You guys rock!" - small child at show
"Achoooooooooo!" - baby panda at show

That venue is truly spectacular.

Anyways, we spent the night in the comfiest of comfort inns, and now, with continental breakfast in stomach, we're looking forward to a day off before tomorrow night's show in Syracuse. Perhaps we'll spend the evening watching a film, most likely "W" or "Religiulous." What political thinkers we are.

For those of you who have never experienced an autumn in New England (or upstate New York), let me tell you: it's unbelievable. The red leaves light fires in the trees that can only be put out by the frigid cold accompanying the fall. Every time a leaf falls to the ground, an angel breaks a string on his harp. Poor cherubim.

So now, it's back to the road for us. With teeth chattering and arms shivering, we bid you the fondest of farewells.


-The Lead Sled


Tamra said...

you are right... that sneezing panda could melt even the hardest of hardened hearts... oh my!

rockerbabyfi12 said...
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Jess G said...

Re the first line of this post: I go to school in Oneonta, about two hours away from Syracuse. And yes. It is freeeezing in the fall.

In other news, I might be coming to that show in Syracuse...but I might not. Don't you hate when you're hanging on the "yes/no" of a single friend?

You guys should totally keep the name "Oneonta" in mind though, cause this town contains both a SUNY school and Hartwick College...lots of college students to come see a show and become fans!

I def think you should think about this place for your next tour...or mini-tour...or whatever....

<3 Jess Gordon

PS - I will spread the sneezing panda love.

Amelia Bienstock said...

it's actually been relatively nice out, then again it snowed wednesday morning and it's supposed to snow again saturday. Stupid Syracuse and its random weather patterns.

Anyway I am very excited, SEE YOU ALL TOMORROW!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming up to Northampton to play. I have been trying to see y'all since you were still OSP. I loved the entire performance.

Thank you again for a fabulous night.


Liz said...

I definitely thought that "sneezing panda" was some kind of euphemism, until I was told otherwise.

Jenny said...

Religulous is way more entertaining than W. It's Borat, only wittier and more tragic. W didn't live up to expectations. -jenny kane