Saturday, October 4, 2008

wind power!

We're two hours outside of LA and there are hundreds of windmills all around us!! Wheeeeeee! Oh to be reincarnated as an alternative energy source....

We left this morning from Tucson, AZ, after enjoying another delicious breakfast compliments of our hosts (the heaven-sent robots strike again!). This has to stop; we all thought we'd come back home after our month on tour, slim and trim and wearing those skinny jeans like all the hipsters do, but at this rate we'll probably ROLL back east. And while we're on the topic of delicious foods, we had one of the best Mexican feasts of our lives last night. At the recomendation of our soundman in Austin, we stopped in El Paso for dinner at a place called 'Forti' and let me tell you: truly unprecedented levels of foodgasm. A party in the mouth barely begins to describe it.

We got into Tucson at about 12:30, having gained 2 hours by crossing through two time zones over the course of our journey from Austin. So all in all, 14+ hours spent on the road ended up looking like a mere 12! No sweat! It was well worth it to see Heather's brother Seth, his girlfriend Vanessa and their amazing dog Uno, not to mention the actual real beds.

Here is a short photo retrospective of the last 2 days:

Mike and James rock the front...

While Heather and Smith rock the back...

(it's even funnier when you know that only moments before, they had looked more like this....)

And now, from the California mountains (or are they hills?),
a portrait:

and another one:

Needless to say, it's been beautiful and amazing and the sibling-like squabbles have been minimal. We couldn't ask for much more. I've got a feeling the City of Angels has no idea what's about to blow into town...

Hella bella,
the lead sled

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Azuah; said...

OMG you're gonna be in San Francisco in two days. But I can't watch because I'm not 21.

You have no clue how sad that makes me guys.. :(

I hope you guys come back and do an all ages show or something!