Monday, October 20, 2008


It's been too long since our last blog. However, to briefly catch you up and show a realistic depiction of what life if like on the road... Ladies and gentlemen... James Smith...

A lot has happened.

For starters, we are back on the east coast, currently driving to New York City from Pittsburgh, where we stayed last night after Chicago.


Thats' right. Thats what we've done. And it only cost the lives of 7.5 million bugs. A moment of silence please...



Thank you.

And now onto a little rock n' roll descriptive poetry.

We played a few shows with our friends the Old 97's
They accepted us into their musical land of raucous heavens.

And that's it for rhyming.

The Old 97's asked us on multiple occ
asions if they could trade us our van and trailer for their huge bus. We said no.
The conversations all went something like this...

97's: "Guys, we really would like to trade you our bus for your van, it just looks like so much fun"

SS: "Listen guys... we don't want to make this weird or anything but the Lead Sled isn't just a piece of metal to be used as a bargaining's a glorious ride of life and joy."

97's: "Yes, we understand your van is the coolest thing that this earth has seen since the Scooby Doo movie staring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Mathew Lillard. But
we would love to trade just for a liiiitttllleeeee leg of the tour."

SS: "Pleaseeee, pleeeaaasseee... gentlemen!"

97's: "please?"

SS: "uuugghhh... now it's just getting embarrassing."

97's: "...?"

SS: "Ok FINE! you can come in and SEE the inside of the van... 10 MIN!!! no longer! ok?!"

97's: "WOO HOO!!!"

What can we say, we do what we can to bring a little joy to others on the road.

Other than the awkward van/bus ordeal, our three shows with the Old 97's were fantastic. Their crew is a group of true professionals that jump to any task that needs seeing to in the blink of an eye. The band themselves are a bunch of no-good, down-low, dirty rotten evil scientists. We kid, we kid.

The Old 97's were always there with good conversation, words of wisdom and amazing concerts that left their fans screaming for more when the shows were finished. They are a bunch of outstanding musicians who know what it means to put on a concert.

But ladies and gentlemen, don't be fooled by our destination this evening, we are only getting the luxury of one a one night stay in our beds. We are back out for three more shows before we are officially, officially back. We couldn't be more excited. We have a lot of new songs to finish, mo
re tours to plan and fall in New York City to look forward to. So with this blog we grandly wave to the Skyline of NYC and wait with bated breath to see our old stomping ground once again.

Until next time friends,
~The Led Sled


Amelia Bienstock said...
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Amelia Bienstock said...

lucky! To be back in New York for just a day would be lovely. But selfishly I'm excited because Syracuse is being standardized in 4 days (but who's counting?)

Your trip looks and sounds amazing so far, hope you're enjoying it.

And Smith... i hope they let you free soon!

April said...

that map is epic. and yayy for being back home!

Liz said...

You made a big funky circle in the middle of the country. Fun!

JP said...

So now you don't need the tips on How to Live in Your Car eh?

E-Dizzle said...

The line on the map is in the shape of a sea otter! I dub this the sea otter tour. Next time, your tour can be the shape of a river otter...which would be pretty similar, I suppose.